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From Pallet to Commemorative Plate

In order to apply this rectangular format to a plate.

Areas at the top and bottom of the art had to be cloned by computer.

Through a series of process, the images is finally complete. and ready for decal manufacturing.

 How Decals and Transfers Are Made

The decal starts with art work, supplied by the client or created by our own Giraphix design studio. Through manual or electronic means, the art is separated into black and clear positives for each printed color. These positives define the open mesh areas where the ink will pass through the screen to the decal paper.

These separations contain two types of print, half tones (small dots of varied sizes which produce shading gradients) and lines or solid areas which are scaled, repeated, and pin registered. A screen mesh and stencil emulsion which are compatible with the half tone dots and desired ink deposit are selected. The mesh is stretched taut on a ridged frame before the emulsion coating is applied and dried.

Each color's transparency is placed in contact with the framed screen under vacuum and exposed to ultraviolet light which burns and hardens the emulsion.

The unexposed (positive) areas remain soft and are washed away with water. While the screen is being produced, ink materials such as pigments, glass frit, solvents, resins, and binders, are mixed with high intensity to form a thick paste suitable for screen printing.

Printing is accomplished on state of the art printing equipment, by skilled operators, on a substrate specially selected for it application properties.

Prior to shipment, each decal sheet is counted as it goes through a final  quality inspection and  relevant performance tests are conducted. Printing and ink data along with the color separations are filed for future use and reference.


Some of the clients we have collaborated with to develop custom commemorative heirlooms include:

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